Digital campaign development involves the following 4 phases:

Phase 1 – Planning:

  • Situational Analysis for your business
  • Your business needs & goals
  • Market research:
    • Competitor Analysis
    • USP
    • Value proposition
    • Buyer personas & target market segmentation
  • To reach your markets, define your:
    • Core messaging
    • Priority channels to suit your audiences
    • Develop a realistic short-to-medium term strategy based on your capacity and available resources

Phase 2 – Analysis:

  • Identify target market segments and suitable digital channels for the campaign, such as blogs, video, social media, email marketing, paid advertising etc. 
  • Develop the integration of digital and traditional elements of the campaign. 
  • How you will measure success? Establish goals for the campaign such as pages visited, increased engagement, SEO ranking improvements, volume of leads, enquieies & online sales, etc.  

Phase 3 – Development:

  • Work with your team to ensure that the digital marketing campaign reflects the organisation’s brand & requirements 
  • Draft the appropriate web content, with particular attention to search engine optimisation 
  • Design the text, graphics, multimedia and marketing content to be used across the campaign
  • Organise testing of the links / web presence / landing pages to ensure delivery of intended effect, and incorporate any agreed amendments.

Phase 4 – Implementation & Control:

  • Publish text, graphics, video & marketing content for the campaign in line with your launch schedule 
  • Monitor the behaviour and engagement on web traffic / social content, using analytics, metrics, tools etc. 
  • Monitor the engagement and user interactions with different elements to determine performance & success
  • Monitor the changes to SEO ranking across a range of search engines and targeted search terms 
  • Implement any changes in your strategy in light of insights gained by an analysis of the data and metrics.

The resulting strategy will be tailor-made for your business – crafted to suit your needs, resources & workload in order to maximise the benefits for you.

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