March 25, 2023

Technical Information

File Requirements:
For best results send files in pdf format. All fonts should be embedded prior to sending. We accept files that are created in QuarkXpress, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.

Print files are printed in CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key/Black) and computer monitors display colours in RGB (Red Green Blue). Due to the different methods of displaying colours printed colours vary slightly from monitor displayed colours. Files can be converted to CMYK in design packages before they are sent this will enable you to see a representation of what the colour will look like. Any files that are sent in RGB will be automatically converted into CYMK prior to printing.

All print material should contain crop marks so that there is no ambiguity of final size of material. For best results we recommend preparing your page layout in Quark xpress and transferring them for print as pdf files. All artwork should contain a minimum of 2mm bleed. Text should be 3mm from edge to allow for cutting.

Image Quality:
Vector graphics such as an eps file, are made up of lines joining points and saleable to any size and will not become pixelated.
Raster graphics such as a jpeg file, are made up of pixels and when they are enlarged they may become pixelated. Raster graphics should be sent

Sticker Artwork:
Stickers should be sent on as eps documents and any cut lines should be created in a separate layer.

Proof Responsibility:
While every effort is made to detect any errors or omissions in any supplied artwork the responsibility for detection of errors/omissions rests with the customer.