What are the advantages to digital printing?

Digital printing has many benefits to offer. It is a process that affords short lead times, high quality, flexibility and effective communication methods for your customers. Are you considering thinking about using digital printing for your business? Consider the following benefits when making that decision.

Lead-in Time

The process of digital printing requires a short lead time. Once the requirements are established and volume decided upon, the design for your project is your priority. Lithographing printing often requires a week post design sign-off to have the print run finished. Digital printing does not have this lead in time requirement and is ready immediately to go to print.


Designing the layout for digital printing is very similar to most other printing processes. One of the advantages to digital printing is that changes can be made to the artwork up to the print deadline itself. Other flexibility includes re-using the artwork for future print projects, which includes the possibility of adding to, or changing the content should any of the details need to be changed.

Quantity vs Price

Digital Printing offers you lots of flexibility, both on quantity and cost. You have a choice when deciding a volume that suits your needs and are not restricted in any way, as you might be with lithographing printing. There is no cost up front for plate production, and you are not tied to a minimum print volume. Choosing digital printing means that you can decide what best suits you and your budget.

Quick Turnaround

Once the design has been approved, the turnaround time for digital printing is short. Other considerations that may influence finishing time are laminating, perforating and binding. Depending on your job requirements and volume, you can have the finished product within 24 hours of signing off on the project. Digital printing is an invaluable option for your business should your print timelines be tight.


As already mentioned, digital printing offers lots of flexibility for your business; time, quantity, price & materials. One other major advantage includes the re purposing of artwork for use with digital marketing. Digital marketing is an increasing source of revenue for businesses. With the world becoming ever more connected, and with the availability of sophisticated software at our fingertips, digital marketing is the most affordable, effective way to promote your brand and create community online. Digital printing provides the capacity for the transfer of content to your social media channels.

Kinder to the Environment

Digital printing is a process that requires a minimum pre-press production. It requires no plate production and uses fewer chemicals. It allows you to choose a quantity that suits the requirements specifically and as a result produces less waste.

At Digital Outputs…

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