The factors that affect price of digital printing projects…

… and  some tips on how to avoid them!

There are a number of factors that influence the price of any digital print job. Most of these factors are fairly obvious and can be summarised under the following headings;

  • Design time
  • Use of colour and materials
  • Quantity
  • Finishing

At Digital Outputs we want what’s best for our customers and in this post we want to discuss the not so obvious costs associated with printing projects and how to avoid them! Often businesses are not aware of the additional ways to save on budget when planning their  digital print projects.

Prioritise design

On any project, design is the most important place to invest your resources. Customers are hugely influenced by appearance, and if your project design does not communicate your message or brand effectively, it is simply a waste of money. Marketing budgets are tight and to get the most from your spend on any project, you need to consider all of the potential for design.

One way to maximise project potential is to ask your designer to format your digital print project content for use with email marketing and on your social channels. This ensures both consistency on your message across all available channels and that your business gets the maximum output from any design spend.

Digital Printing: Project Size and layout

You should consider how your project can save on spend in less obvious ways and one of these is your final format. Whether the project is promotional, post or a leaflet drop you should consider your preferred print dimensions. Sticking to standard sizes minimises waste, maximises print efficiency. Whether its display holders or envelopes to suit the project using standard sizes ensures that you can purchase accessories with minimum cost or difficulty.

Digital Printing: Use of Colour

Should your project need a full colour finish it will influence cost. Consider using a full colour on one side and greyscale on the reverse to reduce costs. Would you like your project to have full colour to the edge of the print? The technical term for this finish in digital printing is called a “full bleed”. This will influence your design layout and finishing.

Other digital Printing cost considerations

Does this digital print run need single sided print or double? Single sided printing can reduce costs on a print project. However, for a marginal additional cost you can double your communication potential. Assess your project goals and plan your content to maximise full potential. Can you use your reverse side to promote another facet of your business? It may be worth considering to highlight a promotion or invite traffic to your website on the reverse of your print project. Ask yourself what best serves both your business and your customer.

Digital Printing: Finishing Requirements

Does your digital print run require any additional finishing? For examples; laminating, perforating and binding might influence your final cost. In the planning stage of the project, take a step back and consider what other services that you might incorporate on the current digital print project & how finishing could facilitate some cross sale potential.

Digital Printing: Quantity

When deciding on final print quantity be careful to calculate your figures thoroughly. Is this print run project specific or is the content transferable? What other ways could this print project maximise reach and best serve your customer? While a reprint is always an option, it is more cost efficient for the business to order the correct quantity the first time. The labour to print and finish one print run is same regardless of quantity. However it doubles on the second print run and a miscalculation can mean an easily avoidable cost for your business.

At Digital Outputs, our experienced graphic design staff are available to provide personalised design advice for your project. We will discuss your needs, develop a design that communicates your brand & message and expertly see your digital print project through to completion.

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